Here at Alpigal, we know the parents of our chickens and work only with trusted partners.

Parent bird farm and hatchery

The parent birds come from partner companies who are required to adhere to strict guidelines and are monitored on a regular basis. The freshly hatched birds are taken to the halls of the parent bird farm. Before they arrive, the houses are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, supplied with fresh bedding and heated to a pleasant 30 degrees.

The parent birds reach breeding age at 18 weeks and the hens lay their first eggs in a nesting box at the age of 22 weeks. The eggs are automatically collected and brought to the hatcheries in heated trucks.

The hatcheries in which the eggs are hatched in incubators are heated to a pleasant 37.8 degrees. The eggs are turned every hour, allowing the chicks to change position within the eggs. After being incubated for 18 days, the eggs are transferred to hatching boxes, where the chicks hatch after three to four days.