"Thanks to our regional production and high animal welfare standards, our chicken is probably the most sustainable on the market."

Helmut Unsöld, Alpigal producer

Taste you can rely on

Alpigal is arguably the most sustainable brand on the German chicken market. The certified poultry comes from family farms in the German Alpine uplands. As well as this, Alpigal is a byword for regionality, credibility, sustainability, progress and responsibility, taking a holistic, natural approach to farming and working with closed systems – from the egg to the plate.

Our aim is to provide, document and monitor the entire value chain from a single source. At the same time, Alpigal chickens have a reputation for the highest quality because our production has strong regional roots and adheres to strict animal welfare standards. This kind of sustainable rearing is less time- and cost-intensive than organic rearing.

This means Alpigal is one of the pioneers on the German poultry market. To date, very few producers in southern Germany rear their chickens in species-appropriate environments. Alpigal – a sustainable choice for the region