From the outset, Alpigal chicks are provided with only the best diet and only feed that is free of genetically modified organisms.


During the rearing period, 95 percent of the chickens’ feed is vegetarian, the remaining 5 percent being in mineral form. The food is free of GMOs and anticoccidials and therefore contains no genetically modified organisms.

The feed consists primarily of cereals such as wheat and ground maize, including mill by-products such as sunflower or rapeseed meal.

Around half the raw materials are sourced from Germany, the soy from elsewhere in Europe. By not using soy from Brazil, it is possible to reduce the transport routes and pollutant emissions dramatically.

Many of the plant-based protein carriers contained in chicken feed are created during the production of oil or starch. Antibiotics are used in very specific cases for treating illnesses and are monitored closely by the vet. 95 percent of Alpigal chickens have never had any contact with antibiotics.