"As an Alpigal farmer, I promise that our chickens are reared in species-appropriate surroundings in our regional family farms."

Martin Schmid, Alpigal producer

Family farms

The freshly hatched chicks are brought from the hatchery to our Alpigal family farms where they are reared. As all the farms are in the region, transport is kept to a minimum.

Before the chicks arrive, the houses are cleaned, disinfected and supplied with fresh bedding. In this way, the family farms provide a far higher standard for the chicks than is required by law. The birds have ample room to move and to retreat, including plenty of perches.

A cold scratching area is also provided, meaning less stress for the birds and better quality chicken meat for consumers. The birds spend between 30 and 37 days on the family farms, following which they are humanely slaughtered and further processed.

A vet is at hand to provide expert advice during the entire rearing period, monitoring the breeding process and intervening early on if necessary. The birds are only given antibiotics if absolutely necessary, and these are administered only by the vet.