"We are a leading producer of sustainable poultry, providing you with the best regional chicken products."

Florian Siegle, Production Manager

Wide range of regional chicken for your customers

By offering your customers sustainable and regional chicken products, you can close the gap in the market between expensive organic products and cheap conventional chicken.

In this way, you provide added value for your customers while at the same time benefiting from a strong Swiss parent company that is a recognised pioneer in sustainable, natural poultry production.

Based on the successful Swiss model

With its premium poultry products, the Optigal brand is well established as a successful Swiss model. This was launched successfully on the market 50 years ago by the Micarna Group and now forms the basis for Alpigal’s value chain model.

It combines the entire value chain – from the egg to the plate. Thanks to its wealth of experience and extensive know-how, Oberschwäbische Geflügel GmbH is in a position to provide first-class sales support.

Closing a gap in the market

With its sustainable and regional chickens, Alpigal is able to close the price gap between expensive organic products and conventionally produced poultry products in the low-price segment. Alpigal provides an attractive alternative for customers who set great store by sustainability, regionality and animal welfare.

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Current customer needs

Alpigal takes into account the current needs of consumers and picks up on trends in the food sector. This is because consumers are looking for healthy foods that have been produced under species-appropriate and ethical conditions.

One thing is for sure: chicken consumption in Germany is increasing by the year. At the same time, the need for transparency is met in that the packaging of most chicken products indicates where they were produced.

Extensive range of unique products

Alpigal provides an extensive, high-quality product range with traditional fresh poultry products. However, innovative products such as chicken sticks are also being brought onto the market.

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Strong parent company

Behind Alpigal is the Micarna Group, a strong parent company that is a byword for growth potential and commercial success.

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