Thanks to its sustainable approach, Alpigal bridges the gap between conventional and organic chicken production.

Why Alpigal?

Alpigal creates valuable and sustainable benefits by meeting the demands of modern consumers for regional production, the highest animal welfare standards and top-quality chicken.

Alpigal chickens are an affordable and sustainable alternative to organic chickens while permitting a responsible, conscientious approach to meat production. The species-appropriate environment in which Alpigal chickens are kept extends far beyond what is required by the German Animal Welfare Federation (DTB).

In this regard, transparency for consumers is of central importance. Accordingly, the packaging of most chicken products indicates the farm where the chickens were reared.

Figures don’t lie

In a direct comparison between organic, Alpigal and conventional chicken production in accordance with EU standards, it is plain to see where interested consumers feel at home. Here, our Alpigal poultry production bridges the gap between low-cost conventional production and supposedly expensive organic production – especially where animal welfare and regionality are concerned.