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Oberschwäbische Geflügel, based in Betzenweiler, Germany, specialises in the careful processing of organic and conventional chicken from the local region, in line with Swiss animal welfare and production standards. Poultry processed by Oberschwäbischen Geflügel is intended exclusively for the German market and comes from local farms in the region. The slaughterhouse and processing plant in Ertingen produces high-quality chicken that either enters the market as fresh poultry, or is processed into chicken meat products in Betzenweiler. These include smoked and unsmoked boiled sausages, cold cuts or meatloaf. The chickens processed at Oberschwäbischen Geflügel are provided exclusively by their own partner companies. The birds are kept under particularly species-appropriate conditions and have sufficient peace and quiet and space to scratch about, as well as extra roosting areas. In addition, the hen-houses must be fitted with windows and a run. Furthermore, Alpigal farms must be situated within 250 kilometres of the slaughterhouse/processing plant in Ertingen, so as to keep the transport times as short as possible for the birds.

Oberschwäbische Geflügel GmbH

Oberschwäbische Geflügel GmbH
Zum Mühlbach 15
88422 Betzenweiler
Tel. +49 (0)7374 9207-0

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Micarna Group
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  • - Dr. Roland Pfister: Head  Marketing and Communication
  • - Deborah Rutz: Head Communication and Media office

Oberschwäbische Geflügel GmbH is renowned for its expertise in slaughtering and processing poultry as well as being one of the leading producers of organic poultry in Germany. As we are constantly expanding our operations, we have a number of vacancies in our team in Ertingen in southern Germany.

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